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Coming Out

This chart comes from the article Value of LGBT Equality in the Workplace.

% of people who are out by country

It makes me wonder, why in the year 2018, we are so far behind Australia and UK and even Canada. When you look at the percentage of people, who are out to everyone or most everyone, the USA is at 52% compared to Australia’s 68% and UK’s 65% and Canada’s 54%.  I would have liked to see this chart over time however. Even though we are below where I would expect us to be, I feel we are much farther along than I personally expected.

I came out almost 30 years ago as a lesbian woman but remained in the “Out to a few trusted people” until about six years ago.

Six years ago, I decided, I don’t care who knows. That was the best decision in my life. I no longer have to filter my life for those I meet a work. I can talk about my wife with out feeling like I just made a career limiting move. However, I know this is not everyone’s reality, but that is the reason we are here today. To make it the reality of all LGBTQ+ members of society.

No one should have to live with the fear of bullying because of who they love.



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